Window cleaning is the process of applying eco-friendly solutions to restore and maintain the pristine crispness associated with windows for both residential and commercial properties.

Ready to Sell Your Home? Window Cleaning Can Help

If you’re planning to start the new year in a new place, you’re going to want to be sure your old home has maximum curb appeal. There are plenty of tips and tricks to adding value (and increasing the asking price) of your home that will be easy on your pocketbook! And just so happens we perform several of those services. Over the next few weeks we'll examine our services in more detail so you know exactly what we offer. Window Washing has been one of our core services for the last 23 years in Charlotte so we know a [...]

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The Top 4 Window Cleaning Products

The majority of window cleaning professionals recommend that you clean your home’s windows twice a year. This schedule has many calling window cleaning professionals to their home in time for spring cleaning and right before the winter holidays. However, it also leaves months between professional cleanings, which means windows are liable to get quite dirty. Whether your dog had his nose pressed up against the glass as he watched the neighbor’s cat, or your kid decided glass was the most fun to finger paint on, smudges and dirt are bound to happen. The question isn’t should you clean your windows, [...]

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The Difference Between a Professional Power Washing Service and You

At first glance, a power washer might seem like a glorified garden hose. Under this illusion, many homeowners have bought or rented power washing equipment only to find the tool more difficult to use than originally thought. Either through injuring themselves or damaging their property, more and more homeowners are learning it may be a wise decision to hire a professional. But, what’s the real difference between a professional power washing service and you? Read below to find out what you need to know about power washing. Is Hiring a Professional Power Washer Worth It? Professionals have top-of-the-line equipment. While [...]

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Window Washing That’s Not a Pane

There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a clean house. For a guest, it gives a great first impression. For the resident, it creates a sense of happiness and well-being. The carpets are vacuumed, the floors are mopped, the counters are shiny, the windows are sparkling, and there’s the faint scent of cleaning products in the air. It’s much easier to consistently keep your place looking clean rather than let it get dirty and start from the beginning. Today we’ll concentrate on one area in particular: window washing! Experts suggest having your windows professionally cleaned twice a [...]

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How to Select the Ideal Window Cleaning Business

There are many reasons as to why a DIY window cleaning job is a bad idea. Improper window cleaning equipment, poor technique, and lack of expertise are just a few. Not to mention, cleaning your own windows can be dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, “the United States leads in ladder deaths. Each year there are more than 164,000 emergency-room treated injuries and 300 deaths that are caused by falls from ladders.” While climbing up and down a ladder may seem simple enough, the maneuvers required to clean windows can easily throw off anyone’s balance. Because of this, it [...]

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3 Benefits of Using Professional Window Cleaners in Charlotte, NC

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to beat out the rugs, scrub the kitchen, and clear the closets of all winter coats. It’s that time of year when homeowners want their houses to be just as fresh and full of life as the flowers blooming outside their doors. However, many homeowners don’t take care of one of the most vital spring cleaning tasks: cleaning their windows. Sometimes homeowners simply forget; other times they decide it’s too much of a hassle; or, frequently, they don’t realize the tremendous impact clean windows have on the look and feel of a home. Our [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Call Pro Window Cleaners in Charlotte, NC

When was the last time you took a good look at your windows? Can you even remember the last time they were cleaned? It’s time to get rid of the dirt and dust that’s accumulated, but this isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of job. To do the job properly, you need to contact pro window cleaners in the Charlotte area. If you’re not convinced you need to call a window cleaning expert for your home, consider the three reasons you should call a professional below. Cleaning your own windows can be dangerous. While it may seem easy to give your interior [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

Thinking about doing a major window cleaning job yourself? While there may be small advantages to a DIY window cleaning job, several things can quickly go wrong when you try it yourself. Find out the various pitfalls to avoid, then get pointers on why hiring a professional window cleaning company is the best choice. 4 Reasons Why a DIY Window Cleaning Job Is a Bad Idea Cleaning windows yourself can be a huge task. Before you begin, think about the following four reasons why a DIY window cleaning job is less than ideal: Improper equipment While you may be used [...]

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5 Reasons Your Windows Are Dirtier Than You Think

Previously we’ve discussed the benefits of having your home’s windows cleaned. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal, presenting a well-kept abode to neighbors, family, and potential buyers (if your house is on the market). But why are your windows dirty in the first place? Let’s go over the most common causes of dirty windows and dispel a lingering myth while we’re at it. What makes your windows dirty? There are a couple of factors that contribute to clouding up your windows, both inside and outside your house. These are the [...]

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Christmas Cheer with Windows Clear in Weddington, NC

You can help spread the Christmas cheer with windows clear in the Tar Heel town of Weddington. With bulbs shining bright, crystallized by harlequin ornaments, it’s become the time of year when people find merriment in the company of others as well as the spirit of the season captured by incredible decorations. Single pane casements adorned with candles. Bay windows proudly featured with an embellished spruce. These are the fixtures of Christmas that neighbors and passersby stop to admire. It’s the tangible joys of the season that enhance the charm of any town, especially a small town that conveys the [...]

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