Thinking about doing a major window cleaning job yourself? While there may be small advantages to a DIY window cleaning job, several things can quickly go wrong when you try it yourself. Find out the various pitfalls to avoid, then get pointers on why hiring a professional window cleaning company is the best choice.

4 Reasons Why a DIY Window Cleaning Job Is a Bad Idea

Cleaning windows yourself can be a huge task. Before you begin, think about the following four reasons why a DIY window cleaning job is less than ideal:

Improper equipment

While you may be used to using commercial cleaners and paper towels or newspapers, there’s more to cleaning windows than just spraying on cleaner and wiping it off. In fact, using paper towels or newspaper can actually make your windows dirtier by smearing around dirt and leaving unsightly streaks. A professional window cleaning company will have specialty equipment, such as water-fed poles and non-abrasive cleaners, that when used properly can leave windows sparkling.

Static build-up

When you use fiber-based products the wrong way, the rubbing motion can attract electrons, resulting in static charge buildup on the windows. The electrons actually attract more dirt and grime, leaving your windows dirtier than when you began to clean them in the first place. Professional window cleaners know methods to use with fiber-based products, such as cotton cloths, that minimize electron build-up.

Scratched glass

Some people use scrapers to remove stubborn stains like paint, rust, animal waste, or varnish, but if you don’t know proper techniques, you could end up scratching the glass. Other items that could badly ruin glass with irreparable scratches are powder-based scouring products and certain sponges. If you don’t know the proper way to use these products, it’s best to hire a professional window cleaning company to prevent damage to the glass in your windows.

Lack of expertise

Professional window cleaners know the proper equipment for each type of windows. If you have tinted windows or window film, you might not know how to properly care for them. In addition, if you have specialty windows like storm windows, experts use the utmost care in handling and cleaning storm windows to not damage them so they can function properly. Without expertise, you might end up inflicting costly damage to specialty windows, rendering them useless in situations where you need them most.

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