There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a clean house. For a guest, it gives a great first impression. For the resident, it creates a sense of happiness and well-being. The carpets are vacuumed, the floors are mopped, the counters are shiny, the windows are sparkling, and there’s the faint scent of cleaning products in the air. It’s much easier to consistently keep your place looking clean rather than let it get dirty and start from the beginning.

Today we’ll concentrate on one area in particular: window washing!

Experts suggest having your windows professionally cleaned twice a year, but there are ways to keep them shining bright all year round! These window washing hacks will clearly make cleaning them an almost pane-less task!

Start off by assembling a Window Washing Kit. You don’t need to purchase professional cleaning equipment; you just need to be sure to have the right tools for the job.

  • Squeegee one of the most important tools in window washing, almost as fun to use as it is to say! If you have multi-pane windows, buy one small enough to fit in the pane.
  • Natural Sea Sponge — Can be found in any home improvement store, or often in a pineapple under the sea.
  • Lint Free Rag You can even use a cloth diaper and really baby your windows.
  • Cleaning solution — This simple window cleaning solution is a simple solution for your window cleaning needs. Take warm water, add a cup of white vinegar, and enough dish soap (such as Dawn or Palmolive) so the solution sticks to the squeegee without leaving streaks on the window. A squirt or two should do the trick!

Now that you have your kit prepared, wait until the time is right. You don’t want to clean your windows in direct sunlight. Pick a time when the sun is shining elsewhere, or it’s an overcast day. You’ll want to remove the screens and place a towel underneath to catch any drips.

Dip the sponge in the cleaning solution and scrub the windows. For particularly stubborn grime, you can use a razor blade scraper — just be careful not to scrape your fingers!

We may have started our business from the ground up, but that’s not the way you want to squeegee your windows! For maximum effectiveness and minimum mess, always squeegee from top to bottom, then wipe away any excess solution with the lint free rag.

Trouble-Free Windows. Crystal Clear View.

As with any tool, always make sure your squeegee and sponge are still in good working order before using them. If you’re in a bind for a quick cleaning tool, don’t use newspaper or paper towels. A coffee filter can work wonders in a pinch. Hosing off the screens outside cuts down on dirt as well.

Unlike the operating system on your PC, your home’s windows should be virtually trouble free, and never need an upgrade. Use these tips to maintain your clean windows, and you’ll clearly see how much better everything looks!