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What makes Hüper Optik the best choice for tinting my business’ windows?


Latest install of Huper Optik film at Transformation Church. Who do you know that has a similar glare or heat problem in their office?

Posted by AAA Window Solutions on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hüper Optik is world renowned for offering the most advanced window films available. A combination of ceramic and nanotechnology ensures that their products can be applied with a maximum reduction to your energy consumption without altering the look of your business. Unlike standard tinting, Hüper Optik films reduce glare, reject heat, and come in a variety of types and specifications.

When you work with Hüper Optik for commercial window tinting, you also gain insight from their industry specialists. They can provide a full analysis of your location and advise you on the best product for your windows. They will also set you up with performance models based on industry standards, as well as modeling for your return on investment based on the money you’ll save from reduced energy consumption.

At AAA Window Solutions, we’re happy to offer fast and affordable installation of whichever Hüper Optik product you choose, and we’re able to service any business in the greater Charlotte area.

What Hüper Optik commercial films are available from AAA Window Solutions?

We can supply the full range of commercial window films from Hüper Optik, and our staff can advise you on the best fit for your business. Take your pick from the following:

  • Select Series: metal-based film with natural tone and high heat rejection
  • Ceramics Series: high-quality film utilizing patented nano-ceramic technology
  • Therm-X Series:specialized for energy efficiency based on high heat rejection and high light transmission
  • Fusion Series: affordable tinting with an emphasis on comfort and privacy
  • Traditional Series: suited for commercial or residential cost-effective uses
  • Exterior Series: environmentally friendly and designed explicitly for exterior application

Remember that we are also experts at cleaning windows, and we know the best practices for maintaining the tint you choose. Get in touch with us at AAA Window Solutions for a free estimate. You can reach us online or by phone at (704) 765-9982.

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