Previously we’ve discussed the benefits of having your home’s windows cleaned. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal, presenting a well-kept abode to neighbors, family, and potential buyers (if your house is on the market). But why are your windows dirty in the first place?

Let’s go over the most common causes of dirty windows and dispel a lingering myth while we’re at it.

What makes your windows dirty?

There are a couple of factors that contribute to clouding up your windows, both inside and outside your house. These are the top five.

  • Steam and Grease: Starting inside, your kitchen will have some of the dirtiest windows in the whole house. Steam, grease, and other particulates that result from cooking will find their way to the windows and build up over time, which can making the glass there especially difficult to clean.
  • Pets and Handprints: A furry friend is probably one of the first thoughts that came to mind when you clicked on this post. Lots of us have had dogs who like to press their nose up against the window while they stare outside. Some of you might even have two-legged pets (commonly known as children) that do the same. Slobber and nose prints will definitely leave a mark, and your own hands and fingerprints will leave residue in the form of the natural oils that your skin secretes.
  • Waterborne Minerals: Moving outside, you might be tempted to just point your hose at particularly dirty windows, but you should resist the urge. Ground water like what comes out of your faucet and hose contains minerals and sediments. It’s harmless to drink, but if you try to clean glass with it, all those particles will be left over once the water dries, leaving spots and streaks in their place.
  • Airborne Contaminants: Pollen is another obvious offender, but year round there’s a lot of dirt that gets kicked up into the air, especially if you live close to a busy road. This kind of windswept dirt can not only dirty your windows on the outside, but it can also get pulled into your heating and air conditioning system, winding up on the inside of your windows, too. Make sure you’re changing your air filters regularly.
  • Window Cleaning Solutions: We’ve said before that it can be a good idea to do some basic treatment on your windows in between professional services (provided you’re careful), but you need to make sure you’re doing it right. If you use the wrong kind of cleaning solution or your squeegee game isn’t on point, you might just leave your glass a streaky mess.

Myth: Does rain make my windows dirtier?

Nope. Unlike ground water, rain contains almost no particles. All that stuff gets left behind in the water cycle, so the water coming down from the sky isn’t going to make your windows any dirtier. (Acid rain is a different story, but if you’re dealing with that then dirty windows are the least of your problems).

However, if your windows are already dirty then rain can make them look dirtier. The rain will disturb all the dirt and dust that’s layered over the glass, causing what might have been an even coating to become uneven and streaky.

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