There’s no way around it. Gutters play a crucial part in protecting your home from the elements. By rerouting the rain that falls on your roof away from the base of your home, gutters save your foundation from the dangers of standing water. Functional gutters also keep pests away, such as mosquitoes that are attracted to lingering puddles.

If your home does have gutters, then you’re all too familiar with the fact that any kind of debris in your gutters like sticks or leaves can significantly affect the redistribution of that rainwater. Plus, it’s a pain to clean out.

But did you know specific trees can affect your gutters in different ways? Before planting a tree or purchasing that home with that beautiful oak out front, make sure you know how it may impact your gutters.

How Different Trees Affect Your Gutters

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding area take pride in the rich foliage and flourishing trees around the city. All that greenery can have some unexpected consequences, though. Find out how the trees in your yard are affecting your home.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees have leaves that turn beautiful colors in the autumn and fall off come winter time.

  • Oak: The oak tree’s fruit, the acorn, can be problematic for gutters as they easily block the flow of water. While oak leaves aren’t the largest, their tendency to grow in bunches can also cause significant blocks in your gutter once it gets closer to autumn.
  • Maple: Maples are known for their beautiful, big leaves, but those leaves can easily end up in your gutters once fall rolls around. During spring, maple trees typically have beautiful green, yellow, orange, or red flowers. While the falling flower petals won’t cause too much difficulty for your gutters, you should keep an eye on the flow of your gutters around late winter and early spring when maples start to flower.

Evergreen Trees

As their name suggests, evergreen trees are forever green. In both the hottest summer afternoons and the coldest winter nights, these trees keep their leaves year ‘round.

  • Pine: While the green pine needles themselves may not fall into your gutters, you do need to worry about pine straw and pine cones. Another problem you may encounter if there are a lot of pine trees in your yard is an accumulation of sap.
  • Magnolia: The bright red seeds of a magnolia tree, while not an inherent problem, is something you want to look out for. If enough of them accumulate in your gutters, they can disrupt water flow.

Allow AAA Window Solutions to Restore Your Gutters

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