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Window Tinting FAQs
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Window Cleaning FAQ

AAA Window Films & TintQ: How do you install window film?
A: We have courteous and professional staff that will custom cut films at your home to ensure a perfect fit. The film, a nontoxic slip solution, will be applied to the interior of your windows. Our only request of homeowners is to remove all furniture from the window area and clean dust and pet hair previous to treatment.

Q: Could window film cause my windows to break?
A: Window films do affect the thermal stress of a pane of glass; however, there are strict application guidelines within our industry that can eliminate risk of breakage when properly installed. So, while windows do break due to stress, including thermal, a professionally applied film should not cause your windows to break.

Q: What is a BTU Meter?
A: A BTU Meter is an inexpensive way to measure how hot your room really is at that moment. AAA can test your windows to see just how hot it really is!

Q: Can window film be removed?
A: A professional window film provider can use a special process to remove the films.

Q: Do window film come with a warranty?
A: Yes. Most window films have manufacturer warranties. There are a few exceptions, such as skylights, very large windows, and bulletproof windows. Our team can quickly check the warranty applicable to your needs.

Q: How long will window film last?
A: This question has no definitive answers. That’s because the lifespan of window film is often determined by the coupling of your home’s environment and the specifics of how your selection was installed. It is possible to have window film that lasts up to 20 years.

Q: How much can window film save me on my utility bill?
A: Homeowners typically experience an 18-­30% savings on their utility bill.

Q: Will window film prevent the fading of my interior furnishings?
A: While window films will significantly reduce the fading of interior furnishings, no product will completely eliminate fading.

Q: Will window film affect my houseplants?
A: In most cases, houseplants that already receive adequate light in their current environment will not be affected by the window films. It may, however, take a few days for some house plants to adjust to the altered environment.

Q: Will my windows film have to be dark to be effective?
A: No. With new technologies and a variety of colors and shades, we can find a window film that protects your home from heat and UV rays while still giving your home the comfortable look you enjoy.