As residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding area, we’re lucky to be living among many beautiful, historical buildings. The Charlotte Cotton Mill, St. Peter’s Hospital, the NC Music Factory, and Alpha Mill are some of our more famous structures. However, many of us also live and work in smaller sites of historic significance, and each one is treasured for its charm and uniqueness.

Anyone who has even thought about working with a historic structure knows maintaining its integrity, while immensely enjoyable and fulfilling, is an uphill battle. The elements are continuously trying to wear away at the structure while the caretaker looks for modern techniques to protect the home without diminishing its history.

Use Window Film to Easily Protect Your Historic Districts

One of the easiest ways to protect your historic home is by installing window film. Many modern tints are not detectable and, therefore, do not negatively affect the look of a historic home. The National Park Service’s Technical Preservation Service recommends “Installing clear, low-emissivity (low-e) glass or film without noticeable color in historically-clear windows to reduce solar heat gain.”

AAA Window Solutions recommends the same — and guarantees your historic building will benefit from this simple addition.

Window tints will …

Prevent Fading

Typically, historic homes tend to have historic furnishings:

  • Original flooring
  • Antique wallpaper
  • Upholstered statement piece
  • Even grandma’s corner cupboard

According to CNN, “Glass filters out only one kind of radiation — UVB rays. But UVA rays, which penetrate deeper, can still get through.” This means that while standard glass can allow harmful rays into your home, the quick addition of window tint can easily combat them.

Control Temperatures

Old homes and buildings are not typically known for their air-tight insulation. Because of this, it’s hard for thermostats to properly control the temperatures. Installing a window film, such as Hüper Optik, can decrease the heat in your home by 55°F.

Since your windows are no longer allowing a substantial amount of heat to enter your historic home, your thermostat will not have to work as hard.

Preserve the Interior

When temperatures vary greatly inside a home it considerably affects its integrity. Peeling paint and wallpaper and warping wood are just a few instances that could go wrong and destroy your home. By not allowing UVA rays into your home, and by successfully controlling the temperature, you can be assured every aspect of your home, down to the tiniest nail, will be properly conserved.

Consult AAA Window Solutions Today

If you’re living or working in a historic building, then you need to consider installing window film as soon as possible in order to preserve the beautiful space you call home. Installing a window film is a task that must only be done once, but will continuously impact your historic structure for the better.

If you’re interesting in adding window film to your historic structure, then call AAA Window Solutions today! We will visit your historic building to provide you with an obligation-free quote.