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Any investment for your home or business tasks you with proper research and understanding. Window film—also known as window tint—remains one of the most important investments for a homeowner in a warmer climate, such as near Charlotte, North Carolina. The excessive heat and glare throughout the spring and summer seasons tend to increase the use of air conditioning units. This often leads to steep utility bills, especially during late July and August.

Fortunately, you have the advantage of AAA Window Cleaning & Solutions. Our professional team can help reduce your energy bills, room temperature, interior fading, and sun glare.

But we don’t do that with just any window tint.

AAA Window Cleaning & Solutions uses Hüper Optik USA, one of the leading international brands that demonstrates a dedication to excellence. This window tinting company reduces its carbon footprint through various means, such as education, dedicated use of recycled and renewable resources, and partnerships with select vendors.

So we want to emphasize the importance of Hüper Optik for residential and commercial film and tinting needs.

Benefits of Hüper Optik for Residences

In addition to providing UV protection, Hüper Optik window tint offers pleasing aesthetics and high performance. The level at which this film performs can benefit your home in several ways:

  • Reduce the amount of heat in your home
  • Reject 99% of solar energy (heat)
  • Protect home interiors from fading
  • Unobscured view through the glass
  • Decreased fading
  • Enhanced appearance

Benefits of Hüper Optik for Businesses

Commercial window tint services in Charlotte, NC

AAA Window Solutions can provide tinting services for businesses with Huper Optik’s comprehensive line of commercial window films. This line can help your business facilitate a transition to being more energy-efficient. Entrepreneurs and business managers can enjoy multiple advantages with a Huper Optik film applied by AAA Window Solutions:

  • Reduce energy consumption with lesser load on the HVAC
  • Improve your window’s performance without compromising the building’s aesthetics
  • Improve your building’s energy efficiency
  • “Hüper Optik USA was founded in 1998, out of a need to provide an energy saving technology that would protect consumers from harmful UV rays,  and provide a green solution for energy savings.” This quote best aligns with the LEED goal “… to reverse contribution to global climate change” which is dependent on a reduction where possible of the use of combustion and fossil fuels and their inherent negative impacts from overuse.

Hüper Optik USA high performance window films could provide a positive contribution towards the Heat Island Reduction and Light Pollution Reduction Credits within both the LEED v4 for New Construction and Major Renovation and the LEED v4 for Operations & Maintenance: Existing Buildings rating systems. Regarding Heat Island education, re-reflecting of radiant infrared (IR) and rejection of ultraviolet (UV) energy can be accomplished via the installation of a suitable Hüper Optik USA high performance window films. By reducing IR radiant energy heat load into the building and rejecting the damaging UV rays we are moving that energy back into the atmosphere and not causing a heat island at the immediate building envelope. This energy rejection in reducing heat island contributions can be hard to quantify in general terms yet a very thorough energy modeling that has the ability to consider these positive effects can be calculated and field tested to determine exact quantities. This benefit can be referenced as a contributor for Innovation in Design or Operations.

Huper Optik Download Center

AAA Window Solutions can install the following products from Hüper Optik. You’re welcome to read over each film series, and to make your selection easier, there is a window tint simulator on the manufacturer’s website that we recommend you consult.

  • Select Series: Originally developed for the Space Shuttle, the Spectrally Select series uses nanotechnology to allow the maximum amount of light to pass through the window while rejecting the maximum amount of heat, all without increasing overall reflectivity. This tint is perfect for providing maximum visibility with a natural tone. The two types of Select window film are Sech and Drei. These are out top rated films.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – DREI
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – SECH
  • Ceramics Series: The product that made Hüper Optik famous, the Ceramic series is made possible by nano-ceramic technology. This high performance coating is the most effective and most versatile window film available.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Ceramic 30
  • Therm-X Series: Specially designed for customers who want to boost their energy efficiency, the Therm-X film series targets high heat rejection and high light transmission. This means your heating and ventilation system doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your house at your preferred temperature.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Therm-X 30
  • Fusion Series: If you’re seeking a balance of privacy and energy efficiency, consider Fusion films. This series offers high heat rejection, pleasing aesthetics, and sustainability.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Fusion Series
  • Traditional Series: A basic tint with a focus on energy-saving and cost-effectiveness.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet-Traditional Series
  • Exterior Series: Say no to harmful UV rays and save on your energy bill when you choose the Exterior film series.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Exterior Series

With our consultation, we can help you pick out the film and tint level that’s perfect for your home. Once you have Hüper Optik tinting on your windows, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you’re still uncertain about the benefits of Huper Optik, we encourage you to review two case studies that demonstrate the results of this incredible product: Texas Citizens Bank and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. But should you have more questions about applying Huper Optik film to your windows, please contact us today.

AAA Window Solutions uses only premium Huper Optik window tint for the tinting needs of residential and commercial properties in Ballantyne, Charlotte, Concord, Fort Mill, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Pineville, Waxhaw, Weddington, and the greater Queen City area.

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