The majority of window cleaning professionals recommend that you clean your home’s windows twice a year. This schedule has many calling window cleaning professionals to their home in time for spring cleaning and right before the winter holidays. However, it also leaves months between professional cleanings, which means windows are liable to get quite dirty.

Whether your dog had his nose pressed up against the glass as he watched the neighbor’s cat, or your kid decided glass was the most fun to finger paint on, smudges and dirt are bound to happen.

The question isn’t should you clean your windows, but which is the best window cleaning product?

Keep Your Windows Sparkling with the Top Window Cleaning Products

Though there is no consensus regarding the number one glass cleaner, there are a few brands that stand out from the rest of the crowd. None of the products below require special window cleaning tools. A microfiber cloth is about all you need in order to perform the quick touch-ups that are required between professional cleanings.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

This heavy duty cleaner sprays onto the window’s surface via an aerosol can. The solution creates a foam once on the glass, so it easily clings to vertical surfaces. It contains no ammonia and has a pleasing smell. Though the solution goes on thick, it is guaranteed to leave no film or streaks behind.

Hope’s Perfect Glass

Known as the 100% streak free glass cleaner, Hope’s stands behind their unique formula. They say, “See-through promises don’t cut it at Hope’s. Find a clearly superior window cleaner for your windows and glass surfaces.” This formula is also ammonia free, allowing you to frequently use it without fear of damaging your windows, especially tinted ones.

Method Glass and Surface Cleaner

If you’re a green-conscious consumer, then you may want to consider one of the Method products. Their plant-based, powergreen technology eliminates dirt, dust, and grime without using harmful ammonia. Even the most concerned consumer can be confident in what he is bringing into his home. Method lists all the ingredients included in its products on the label.

Homemade Cleaner Using Vinegar

Believe it or not, more and more homeowners are starting to make their own glass cleaners. This way they can be assured that no harmful ammonia is included in their cleaner and they know each ingredient that it’s made with. One of the most popular recipes includes distilled white vinegar and Dawn liquid dish detergent. This cleaner is also residue free and could end up saving you a little cash.

You hired your window cleaning professional to work hard to make your home’s windows shine. Don’t let this hard work go to waste and let your windows fade between cleanings. Keep them sparkling between cleanings by removing small smudges and other dirt.

Your homeowners’ association will thank you!