You can help spread the Christmas cheer with windows clear in the Tar Heel town of Weddington. With bulbs shining bright, crystallized by harlequin ornaments, it’s become the time of year when people find merriment in the company of others as well as the spirit of the season captured by incredible decorations.

Single pane casements adorned with candles. Bay windows proudly featured with an embellished spruce. These are the fixtures of Christmas that neighbors and passersby stop to admire. It’s the tangible joys of the season that enhance the charm of any town, especially a small town that conveys the Southern grace like Weddington, North Carolina.

The town of Weddington, NC, has a dynamic history that stretches back more than 100 years. It is nestled in the northwestern corner of Union County, established in 1942 by the General Assembly of North Carolina. Comprised of fertile farmland and settled by colonials from Germany, England, Scotland, and Wales, Weddington has grown into a diverse town of nearly 10,000 people and boasts a growing downtown area—just a short drive from Charlotte.

It is here that you’ll find nearly all single-family homes built on lots of one or more acres. Only 27 acres of Weddington are commercially owned, so the vast majority of the town continues to champion the spirit of the holidays.

Why Get a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

There is actually a correct way and a wrong way to perform window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. It may surprise you even more to know that it is a complicated process to properly clean glass. That’s because it takes the right products and the right technique. Professional services are the only way to effectively remove dirt, pollen, and other residue and simultaneously repel water, dirt, and grime.

And here are the results of window cleaning solutions offered by trained technicians:


  • Improved results yielded from experience and equipment will be the most observable end-product of this solution.
  • Protected and extended life of your windows comes from routine cleaning because dust, dirt, oxidation, and other harmful substances gather over time. Cleaning eliminates the potential for damage.
  • Saved time for homeowners gives people some added time to enjoy the activities and work they want to do.



If you want the benefit of a professional window cleaning service (and to impress those friends and neighbors with crisp, clean windows), AAA Window Cleaning and Solutions can help you today.