Glare can be an issue all year round but especially during the late fall through early spring. It can wreck the experience you’re having on large and small screens. The reason for that is the angle of the sun is naturally lower in the sky vs the summer where it’s very high and hot. During our NC/SC winters, our hemisphere on earth moves closer to the sun which creates blinding glare in homes and businesses. During the last 15 years this technology has improved and gotten more affordable. No longer do we have to compromise the beautiful views from our home just to get some relief!


Our Huper Optik solar film can address this issue. Typically with window film to reduce the glare you need to go dark with a ceramic film but you can only go so dark on double paned 35 VLT on low-e coated glass before it will become a risk for failure. Our spectrally selective film also block 64% of glare. These films will do a great job reducing glare.

The farthest we can go to reduce glare would be to install a reflective film, our Ultraview 5 will only allow 5% light transmission. We use this film predominantly on commercial applications because homeowner associations discourage the use of reflective film. The area this is most used on residential is on side on back windows that don’t face the road.

All of these films solve multiple issues dealing with the sun, while glare is a huge issue during the winter, when we transition to spring, summer and early fall the main issues transition to heat rejection and fade protection. These films perform great during all seasons! Please contact us for all of the specs on our Huper Optik films.