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If you want top grade tinting on your home windows, you’re looking for Hüper Optik Residential Film. We offer their full product range at AAA Window Solutions.


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There’s basic home window tinting, and then there’s tinting that beautifies your windows. For the latter, you want residential window films made possible by Hüper Optik. If you’d like to see our film in action click here.

When it comes to home improvement, only the best solutions will do, and Hüper Optik window tinting gives you the options and efficacy you’re looking for. At AAA Window Solutions, we’re proud to offer this high-tech, high-value product for installation in your home.

Why should I choose Hüper Optik tint for my home windows?

In addition to being the first patented nano-ceramic window film, Hüper Optik touts itself as a superior product in every way. Their TiN logo is boldly displayed on all of their films, certifying that their products provide:

  • ¼ of the reflectivity
  • 3 times as much Infrared rejection
  • 13℃ cooler interior temperatures
  • 25 times more durability
  • Read about why we use Hüper Optik Window Film Products

These are measured against Hüper Optik’s competitors, so you know they’re top of the line. Choosing this top tier brand for your windows will further enhance the benefits of residential tinting, including:

  • Blocks out more heat in the summer
  • Reduces fading and sun damage on your furniture
  • Saves you money on your energy bill
  • Rejects 99.9% of UV rays, protecting you from the more harmful effects of the sun
  • Improves your view at night due to low reflectivity
  • Keeps glass fragments together in the event of a break, providing additional safety
  • Heightens your home’s aesthetics

What are my options with Hüper Optik Residential Window Films?

AAA Window Solutions can install the following products from Hüper Optik. You’re welcome to read over each film series, and to make your selection easier, there is a window tint simulator on the manufacturer’s website that we recommend you consult.

  • Select Series: Originally developed for the Space Shuttle, the Spectrally Select series uses nanotechnology to allow the maximum amount of light to pass through the window while rejecting the maximum amount of heat, all without increasing overall reflectivity. This tint is perfect for providing maximum visibility with a natural tone. The two types of Select window film are Sech and Drei.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – DREI
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – SECH
  • Ceramics Series: The product that made Hüper Optik famous, the Ceramic series is made possible by nano-ceramic technology. This high performance coating is the most effective and most versatile window film available.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Ceramic 30
  • Therm-X Series: Specially designed for customers who want to boost their energy efficiency, the Therm-X film series targets high heat rejection and high light transmission. This means your heating and ventilation system doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your house at your preferred temperature.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Therm-X 30
  • Fusion Series: If you’re seeking a balance of privacy and energy efficiency, consider Fusion films. This series offers high heat rejection, pleasing aesthetics, and sustainability.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Fusion Series
  • Traditional Series: A basic tint with a focus on energy-saving and cost-effectiveness.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet-Traditional Series
  • Exterior Series: Say no to harmful UV rays and save on your energy bill when you choose the Exterior film series.
    Download Window Film Spec Sheet – Exterior Series

With our consultation, we can help you pick out the film and tint level that’s perfect for your home. Once you have Hüper Optik tinting on your windows, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Remember that AAA Window Solutions also specializes in window cleaning. Not only do we know how to install your brand new window film – we also know the best way to maintain it. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area, and you can reach us online or by calling (704) 765-9982.

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