At first glance, a power washer might seem like a glorified garden hose. Under this illusion, many homeowners have bought or rented power washing equipment only to find the tool more difficult to use than originally thought. Either through injuring themselves or damaging their property, more and more homeowners are learning it may be a wise decision to hire a professional.

But, what’s the real difference between a professional power washing service and you? Read below to find out what you need to know about power washing.

Is Hiring a Professional Power Washer Worth It?

Professionals have top-of-the-line equipment.

While it’s easy to perform a Google search to see what is needed to power wash your home, it’s a little harder to acquire those materials in a cost effective manner. Not only do professional power washers already own the required equipment, but they are staying on top of industry trends to ensure they are using the best of the best. Power washing a house is a tough job.

  • Professionals use the best power washers which, in turn, are the most expensive.
    Gas models, which are more powerful than corded electric sprayers, can cost anywhere from $250 – $1,000. This, however, does not include the cost of required regular tune-ups or the price of proper off-season storage. While renting a power washer can cost only $45-$75 a day, you can never be certain you’re receiving what was promised. You might end up with a well-used model that wasn’t taken care of by previous renters.
  • Professionals use the proper cleaning chemicals.
    Cheap cleaners generally contain chemicals that cause harm to your home’s surfaces and, in the long run, can shorten their lifespan. Professional power washers use non-abrasive and biodegradable cleaners, which means not only is your siding safe, but your lawn and plants are, too. Some companies even offer 100% organic cleaner for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Professionals can safely clean roofs and other hard-to-reach areas.
    According to the World Health Organization, the US has more ladder deaths than any other country. Each year, as many as 300 people die after falling off a ladder, and 164,000 are taken to the emergency room for injuries. This reason alone is enough to call a professional power washer. It’s much better to hire someone who knows how to safely clean your home or business exterior.

Professionals have experience.

Washing the siding and decks of countless other clients’ homes certainly has its benefits. They know the best way to deliver specific services, and they have tried and true methods that remove even the toughest stains.

  • They clean surfaces correctly the first time.
    A traditional garden hose delivers water pressure at about 50 pounds per square inch (psi). Compare that with the 1,500 to 4,000 psi power washers washers deliver. The difference between the two is staggering, and, when used improperly, power washers can strip paint, damage plants, punch holes in siding, and damage wood decks. When used properly by a professional power washer, these machines remove tough stains without damaging your property.   
  • They’re aware of the risks of using a power washer and know proper safety procedures.
    According to Consumer Reports, “an estimated 6,057 people in 2014 went to an emergency room with injuries related to pressure washer use. And 14% of those ER visits led to additional hospitalization.” The strong psi of these machines can not only cause lacerations, but can cause even more serious damage if the fluid gets into the skin tissue and causes a bacterial infection. A professional power washing business is well aware of these factors and take them into consideration with every job they perform. The utmost attention to detail is paid when taking care of your property. Not only are they providing you a service, but they are also responsible for their safety and yours.

DIY Power Washing is Not Worth the Risk

With the numerous costs, time investment, and possibility of injury, hiring a professional is the right call for a power washing job. While you may be the king or queen of DIY, this is one task best left to the professionals. Plus, with the money and time you’ve saved by hiring a professional power washing business you’ll be able to move onto the other DIY projects on your to-do list.