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3 Ways to Get a Warm, Fuzzy Feeling All Winter with Window Tinting

The winter months are well under way.  And aided by tinted windows, you may find yourself curled up on the couch under a blanket sipping a warm beverage with a half-read novel at your side, enjoying peaceful moments in front of a roaring fire. As you gaze out the window, you may sigh in contentment as a warm, fuzzy feeling radiates over you, coming from the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done everything you can to lower your energy bills. Wait, that’s not you? Where’s your warm beverage and roaring fire, you say? That cozy blanket is stuffed around the drafty [...]

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Make a Sparkling Clean Home a New Year’s Tradition

When considering New Year’s resolutions, we often think about improvements to our health or relationships. You may join a gym, eat more kale, and vow to spend more quality time with family and friends. But what about your home? Optimize the quality and aesthetic of your home with making a sparkling clean house a New Year’s tradition. It’s the gift that definitely keeps on giving in many ways. Ring in the New Year Surrounded in Sparkle The holiday season is a whirlwind of activity and preparation. In addition to cleaning your home’s interior from top to bottom to prepare for [...]

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5 Reasons Your Windows Are Dirtier Than You Think

Previously we’ve discussed the benefits of having your home’s windows cleaned. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal, presenting a well-kept abode to neighbors, family, and potential buyers (if your house is on the market). But why are your windows dirty in the first place? Let’s go over the most common causes of dirty windows and dispel a lingering myth while we’re at it. What makes your windows dirty? There are a couple of factors that contribute to clouding up your windows, both inside and outside your house. These are the [...]

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Hiring a Home Power Washing Service: 3 Questions You Should Ask First

Good idea: Having your home power washed. An annual power washing—you might call it pressure washing—is preventative maintenance for your home that will protect everything from your curb appeal to your property value, and that’s in addition to protecting your home and your family from mold, mildew, and dry rot. Maybe not a good idea: Power washing your home yourself. A power washer isn’t the kind of tool you can pick up and learn to use in five minutes. It takes training to use effectively and safely, and if you try to power wash your home without knowing the ins [...]

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Christmas Cheer with Windows Clear in Weddington, NC

You can help spread the Christmas cheer with windows clear in the Tar Heel town of Weddington. With bulbs shining bright, crystallized by harlequin ornaments, it’s become the time of year when people find merriment in the company of others as well as the spirit of the season captured by incredible decorations. Single pane casements adorned with candles. Bay windows proudly featured with an embellished spruce. These are the fixtures of Christmas that neighbors and passersby stop to admire. It’s the tangible joys of the season that enhance the charm of any town, especially a small town that conveys the [...]

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How Expensive Is Window Tinting in NC?

Window tint can provide a myriad of benefits: from saving on energy costs to protecting your furniture and floors from glare, there is no entrepreneur or homeowner who wouldn’t enjoy the effects of applying a premium film to their casements. No matter if you want to tint windows for your home or business, there are three universal factors that will influence prices. Type of window film used Size of window tinting job Window location Before pursuing window tinting service, you’ll want to evaluate your situation. Where does the sun shine most often inside the house? Will you need special equipment, [...]

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5 Reasons to Use Professional Gutter Cleaning Services in Charlotte

Gutters and downspouts serve as your home’s first line of defense against water damage. They play critical role in your roof system, carrying away rain water that can reach into the thousands of gallons during a severe storm. It’s crucial that all this water is moved off of your roof and away from  your home and foundation—quickly. If your gutters are not properly cared for, they may not work efficiently. This means that you could spend thousands of dollars to repair water damage. While you may consider gutter cleaning a do-it-yourself project, here are five reasons why you should hire [...]

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How Can Window Film Help Lower My Utility Bill?

It’s okay to admit it. We all get tired of paying that utility bill at the end of every month. And it’s even worse to watch it climb throughout the winter months as the weather cools, requiring more use of the HVAC for heating. The results: Skyrocketing costs. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: window film. Install it once, put it out of mind, and sit back to watch the magic happen. Window film can, indeed, lower your utility bill and save you money—so forget those rising costs. Cut Down the Winter Heating Bill with Ease Winter months bring that [...]

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Tips for Window Cleaning Like a Pro

If you want to learn how to clean windows like a professional—without smears, in other words—then you need to acquire the right equipment and supplies, as well as know the most effective techniques. While this is no way to replace an actual professional team, this will certainly help maintain the pristine, crisp nature of your windows in between treatments. The Equipment To achieve streak-free windows, you need quality equipment. If you cannot locate some of these items at your local Walmart, check a nearby hardware store or cleaning supply shop as a resource. Bucket: Large enough for a squeegee and [...]

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5 Primary Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

The appearance of a storefront or facility is an important aspect for any business. And commercial window cleaning services are a prime solution for enhancing the appeal of your company. By utilizing the right equipment and skills, professional cleaners can efficiently and effectively make your windows crisp, clear, and free of smears. But aesthetics aren’t the only advantage of properly cleaned panes. Here are five other benefits that should encourage every manager and entrepreneur to use a commercial window cleaning resource. It Promotes Good Health It should come as no surprise that a clean office is a healthy office. By [...]

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