It’s okay to admit it. We all get tired of paying that utility bill at the end of every month. And it’s even worse to watch it climb throughout the winter months as the weather cools, requiring more use of the HVAC for heating.

The results: Skyrocketing costs.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: window film. Install it once, put it out of mind, and sit back to watch the magic happen. Window film can, indeed, lower your utility bill and save you money—so forget those rising costs.

Cut Down the Winter Heating Bill with Ease

Winter months bring that biting cold. The natural response is to turn up the thermostat to maintain the cozy warmth of your home or office, but that also means a bigger number on “Total Due” at the bottom of your utility bill. For the winter of 2012-2013, the average heating bill of U.S. homes relying on electricity was $890 for the season.

Imagine cutting down that $890 bill to a reasonable number with an uncomplicated upgrade.

Rather than tearing down your windows to install new ones—a costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming process—opt to have window film installed today. With cost-effective and pain-free installation, the cost to profit turnaround on window film is remarkable. More simply, window film saves you money fast, making it the ideal home or office improvement this year. Install now to make things easy on yourself and save money for this holiday season.

Window Film Traps Heat

So, you know winter causes rising utility bills. And we just told you that window film can help reduce that dramatic increase. The question now is, “How does window film do it?”

Keeping the winter cold out is key, but trapping heat in is doubly important. On their own, windows are poor insulators: they allow heat to transfer through them with ease. As your heating fights to keep the house or office warm during those long winter months, your utility bill skyrockets. This is due in large part to the loss of heat through your windows. Lost heat is lost money. Window film stifles this heat loss and saves you money.

As heat tries to escape through your window, window film reflects it back into the room, drastically reducing heat loss. With all that heat trapped indoors, your heating system is free to carry on at a leisurely rate, as opposed to the usual winter overtime. This reduced workload cuts into that $890 winter heating bill, and over time you’ll find that those savings add up, and your utility bill isn’t quite as overbearing as it once was.

Where to Start with Window Film

The world of window film technology may seem new and unfamiliar, but here at AAA Window Solutions, we make it easy. If you find yourself bundling up for our chilling North Carolina winters in order to cut down on your utility bill, we’re more than happy to help you keep warm and cozy. We offer premier window film brands like Huper Optik, and our know-how is unmatched. Window film is affordable and easy to install, and, best of all, saves you money.
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