The winter months are well under way.  And aided by tinted windows, you may find yourself curled up on the couch under a blanket sipping a warm beverage with a half-read novel at your side, enjoying peaceful moments in front of a roaring fire. As you gaze out the window, you may sigh in contentment as a warm, fuzzy feeling radiates over you, coming from the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done everything you can to lower your energy bills.

Wait, that’s not you? Where’s your warm beverage and roaring fire, you say? That cozy blanket is stuffed around the drafty window sill, you say? And what do you mean you haven’t thought about all the benefits window tinting can bring to your home in the winter?

Protect Your Home from a Winter Wonderland with Window Tinting

Most people think of window tinting for the home as being something one would look into in warmer months, but that notion is not accurate. Windows allow sunlight to stream in year-round regardless of the temperature outside, so every day is a great day to think about window tinting.

Window tinting works when a very thin layer of film bonds with the glass surface. The film itself is coated with different substances that have various functions—some block or absorb UV rays, while others contain a scratch-resistant coating to protect the film during window cleaning.The different layers of film work together to produce many advantages for homes in winter months.   

Protects You from Heat Loss

Windows are one of the biggest causes of heat loss in the winter. In fact, windows letting out heat can account for 10% to 25% of your heating bill. Window tinting helps keep in heat by regulating heat and light levels that pass through the glass. It also traps in existing heat. Less heat escaping means more warmth to keep you nice and cozy so you can reclaim that blanket you used to stuff around the window casings.

Reduces Your Power Bill

We all know power bills go up during extreme temperatures, but did you know heating and cooling your home can make up about 48% of your entire utility bill? When more heat remains in your home instead of escaping out the windows, the temperature in your home is stabilized. You don’t have to keep the heat constantly running in a futile effort to retain warmth.

Lengthens Furniture Life

You know that cozy couch where you were getting ready to finish that novel? You can enjoy it for longer with window tinting. The effects of sunlight can cause fading of material and other items in your home because window tinting blocks most UV rays. When you tint your windows, you’ll be able to keep your furniture in showroom condition for longer, reducing the need to reupholster or replace furniture.

With the money you save in utility bills, furniture, and more, you’ll have plenty remaining to buy yourself the newest novel in the Money Saving Adventures in Window Tinting series.

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