Window tint can provide a myriad of benefits: from saving on energy costs to protecting your furniture and floors from glare, there is no entrepreneur or homeowner who wouldn’t enjoy the effects of applying a premium film to their casements. No matter if you want to tint windows for your home or business, there are three universal factors that will influence prices.

  1. Type of window film used
  2. Size of window tinting job
  3. Window location

Before pursuing window tinting service, you’ll want to evaluate your situation.

  • Where does the sun shine most often inside the house?
  • Will you need special equipment, such as a ladder, to perform the job?
  • How much window film will you need to complete the job?

Typically, window tinting is not a do-it-yourself job; however, for those who really enjoy home improvement projects, it is possible to make it a moderately easy job. The most important component is to employ best-in-industry practices to ensure proper application for long-lasting results.



The first cost of your window tinting job is selecting the film. Pricing for film can greatly vary, depending on the composition and depth of tint. While you can select a generic tint brand for $2.00 per square foot at Home Depot or Lowes, no professional tint installer would recommend them.

Specialty window film types, such as dual-reflective or spectrally-selective ceramic, can reach up to $4.00 per square foot.

Standard solar film, which are nearly always off installers, dealers, and manufacturers, can range between $5.00 per square foot and $7.00 per square foot.

Most veteran window tint installers will suggest higher end film products because the quality of the work will be much greater. They often value the long-term benefits of giving customers the absolute best—an endeavor of integrity.

The most reputable brand of window film for homes or businesses is Huper Optik. As opposed to the $4-$8 range, you’ll likely see costs per square foot that range from $6 to $15. It also comes with a great warranty.



This is the greatest variable of cost for a window tinting job. Houses range in size, have varied numbers of windows, and are structured to support diverse casements (from small single panes to bay windows). All of these factors contribute to an installer determining the “size” of the job.

Small to mid-size commercial buildings typically have much more glass than a house. This depends on the type of business: retail stores will want larger (and more) windows; whereas a warehouse will likely have only a few to bring in natural light into any offices.



Windows that sit higher up require a ladder as part of the work performed. Windows that are excessively dirty or require additional preparation take more time. Or other issues that require additional labor will change what the “typical” cleaning charge is.

Always ask if there is a minimum trip charge because some installer will not perform small work for less than a flat fee—and others will not travel unless it is particularly worth their time.

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