Gutter Cleaning Service: Why Should I Pay for One?

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most unglamorous parts of being a homeowner. Proper treatment of gutters and downspouts requires quick action; otherwise, you’ll likely find a thick leaf and twig soup awaiting you. And as a homeowner, you take a certain amount of pride in learning new skills and managing difficult projects—a newly found do-it-yourself guru that was in you this whole time. But it will greatly benefit you to seek a gutter cleaning service to manage the job. And here’s why… The Real Dangers of Gutter Cleaning In 2011, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found [...]

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3 Simple Tips for Power Washing Your Deck

Power washing your deck is one of those rights of passage for manliness. You have a powered tool and a goal: revitalize your property. Though you may want to step out onto your fortress of solitude, it’s important to approach this task with great care. That’s because a power washer can absolutely clean the deck, but it can also ruin the wood planks. Many people do not understand the need to select the correct pressure (that’s the “power” part of it) or place the nozzle too close to the wood. (Side note: most power washers can be set powerful enough [...]

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Get Your Mind IN the Gutter: The Importance of Keeping Gutters Clean

Gutters are more than just decorative—they serve an important function by collecting rainwater and channeling it down and away from a structure, preventing structural damage to the roof, walls, windows, siding, foundation, doors, basements, and landscaping. Downspouts also allow water to flow freely away from the home. Cleaning gutters should be a routine part of house maintenance. While some homeowners can clear gutters themselves, professional gutter cleaning services have the correct tools and knowledge to thoroughly clean gutters to prevent future problems. Failing to maintain gutters and downspouts by ensuring they are free from clutter and debris could turn into [...]

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