5 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Fading

Protecting hardwood floors is a top priority for any homeowner. Not only have you carefully selected the flooring with just the right color and pattern, it also likely cost you anywhere from $2,260 and $6,448 for installation. That’s an important expense that you intended to afford long-term beautification for your home. Unfortunately, there are many environmental causes of hardwood floor fading and discoloration—which can require costly repair. One of the most damaging perpetrators is sunlight that passes through untreated windows. So the important question is how can you protect your hardwood floors against these ultraviolet (UV) rays? Let’s count this [...]

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Window Tinting That Gives Fuel Efficiency the Royal Treatment

In the modern world, fuel efficiency is one of the luxuries we work diligently to improve. We do this by taking the initiative to find new methods and technologies to optimize the productivity of our sources of energy, including traditional fuel. And until we discover a viable eco-friendly alternative to fuel, it’s important to continue applying these solutions. One of the reasons Huper Optik remains a leading tint and film producer is the company’s commitment to demonstrating their products’ effectiveness – not just claiming it. In 2014, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Facilities Management Team had been tasked with finding [...]

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Why Choose the Nano-Ceramic Window Tint from Huper Optik?

If you’re researching particular window tinting, it’s likely that you have already realized the potential energy savings gained by this purchase. After all, 48% of the average utility bill comes from heating and cooling your home, and the summer and winter months can cause tremendous fluctuations in costs. So it’s important to understand what type of window film will best serve the tinting needs of your home (more info on Residential Window Film) or business (more info on Commercial Window Film applications). The two most important factors to consider when reviewing window films are the amount of solar energy the [...]

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