In the modern world, fuel efficiency is one of the luxuries we work diligently to improve. We do this by taking the initiative to find new methods and technologies to optimize the productivity of our sources of energy, including traditional fuel. And until we discover a viable eco-friendly alternative to fuel, it’s important to continue applying these solutions.

One of the reasons Huper Optik remains a leading tint and film producer is the company’s commitment to demonstrating their products’ effectiveness – not just claiming it.

In 2014, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Facilities Management Team had been tasked with finding a solution for better fuel efficiency that was eco-friendly. One of the first ideas presented was to replace the glass on all of the vessels without sacrificing the incredible views from the ship. Instead of replacing all 500,000 square feet of glass, the team installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40 and Ceramic 50 window tints.

And they did this for one-tenth of what it would have cost for replacing the glass.

Achieving goals. Fulfilling promises.

Using the Huper Optik window film gave Royal Caribbean the resource to positively impact energy efficiency through saving energy and reducing fuel consumption in an environmentally friendly manner. When accounting for all twenty-three vessels, the window tinting reduced fading on carpets and upholstery and lowered surface temperatures by more than 9 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the interior of the ship cooler and more comfortable – and thus saving on energy costs.

From the sea to the shore…

Huper Optik isn’t reserved for immense vessels of the sea. Businesses in the automotive industry as well as residential and commercial window specialists apply the same effective treatments to windows large and small. We know because AAA Window Solutions specializes – and recommends – using this premium product.

We are so confident in Huper Optik, we gave the company its own dedicated page on our Web site. So discover the advantages of nano-ceramic window tinting today!