For years, many people have turned to blinds, curtains, and shades for reducing heat inside of a home and offering a bit of privacy. Now there is another option that you may want to consider for these needs: window tint (also referred to as window film).

But which of these choices is best?

Blinds do not offer as much protection from the sun as you thought.

Blinds may increase privacy and help reduce visible light, but they do not reduce solar heat, block ultraviolet rays, or reduce the fading of furniture and hardwood floors. In fact, blinds cause an increase in your monthly energy bill in two ways:

  1. It inhibits daylight, which causes consumers just like you to supplement this with artificial lighting.
  2. Blinds trap solar heat in the room, allowing that heat to still spread in your home.

Curtains may add a pop to your decor, but they don’t do much to insulate.

Curtains and drapes function almost exactly like blinds. They reduce visible daylight and offer greater privacy in your home, but they can’t block UV light which leads to increased heat in your home.

And though you’ll save your furniture and hardwoods from fading, curtains and drapes suffer that fate themselves. These pieces of décor can actually benefit from the 99.9% blockage of UV rays that come with window tint.

Residential Window Tint looks great while reducing the amount of heat in your home.

Huper Optik is a nano-ceramic window film used by AAA Window Solutions that offers a litany of benefits for you and your wallet. Unlike window tinting of years past, this ceramic tint controls the transfer of heat, blocks 99.9% of UV rays, and rejects infrared energy. That accounts for a 60%-86% total rejection of heat.

Nano-ceramic window film is not a dressing or cover. It’s a solution. Solve the energy and heating issues at the source without sacrificing the aesthetics of your house or business.

AAA Window Solutions offers superior window tint installation.

If you want to win the battle against intolerable indoor heat and rising energy costs, window tint is a great option for you. If you have any questions concerning window tint textures, colors, or how it is installed, feel free to contact one of AAA Window Solution’s professionals today. No matter where you are in or around the Charlotte area, AAA will be there to help.