Some things are great as “do it yourself,” or DIY projects. Maybe you’ve dabbled in re-painting your old furniture, or maybe you’ve even tried turning a t-shirt into a tank top. But there are some projects you should simply leave to the professionals.

When it comes to installing office window tint, it should be a no brainer that you contact a professional window cleaning and tinting company. While this may be true, many people still attempt to install window tinting film as a DIY project.  

Well, we’ve found a video that should reinforce the need for professional help.

Gregvancom, a home repairs YouTube channel, shows the possible outcomes of poor installation when it comes to window tint film.

If the window isn’t clean enough, the air bubbles aren’t removed, or the adhesive isn’t applied correctly, then your tint will be less than smooth. Gregvancom shows windows on a home with cracks and tears, but this could easily happen on office windows with poor installation.

Window tinting with film is a complicated process. For the best outcome every time, contact your local professional business, AAA Window Solutions. When it comes to projects like these, it’s easier to hire a professional than to fix issues down the line.