That’s no moon. It’s somebody’s business interest, representing a huge investment in capital and human resources. Everyone has their own Death Star. A small business is the culmination of years of planning and hard work. You should be doing all that you can to protect that investment.

Before you can truly witness the firepower of your fully armed and operational business location, you should take some time to seriously consider the benefits of having commercial window tinting installed. Doing so can have positive effects on the health of your employees and customers, your budget, and the look of your business.

Regular Windows Can’t Repel Solar Power of That Magnitude

Even after you’ve laid the perfect trap for those meddlesome rebels, you can’t just kick back on your imposing throne of darkness and watch them meet their doom through a naked window. It’s not safe. Never mind the intermittent blinding green flashes from the superlaser main weapon and the subsequent planetary explosions it causes – you need protection from harmful solar radiation.

Down here on Earth, your business is also at risk from UV rays coming through the windows. They can do everything from fade your carpet and furniture to give you nasty sunburn. It’s possible to reduce the UV radiation that passes through your windows by investing in specialty window film.

Hüper Optik window film is literally space-age technology, utilizing a nanoceramic composition to block UV rays and other forms of radiation while providing an unobscured view of the outside world. We offer their full range of products at AAA Window Solutions, along with professional installation (which would be particularly important on space station).

Think of all the Imperial Credits Window Tinting Will Save You

It takes a lot to power the Death Star. There’s all the lights and life support systems, the defensive turbolasers and elevators, and of course the enormous main cannon that takes 24 hours to charge back up after firing. Think of how hard the hypermatter reactors have to work to keep that place cool – you know that big laser must give off a lot of heat.

It gets hot in North Carolina, too, and that’s all thanks to the sun. The Empire spent the equivalent of $850 quadrillion to build the Death Star so it’s safe to say they can afford HVAC without breaking a sweat. You probably wouldn’t mind saving some money on your energy bill, though.

Commercial tinting will also help you there. By applying tinted film to your windows, you can cut down on the heat entering your business in the form of sunlight. That way your AC unit won’t have to work as hard in the summer months. Once again, Hüper Optik is a great option as their product rejects 99% of solar energy. As a bonus, it also comes with estimates and modeling for your return on investment thanks to their industry specialists.

With the money you save, you can reinvest in more important things like perhaps fixing a critical weakness in the design of your exhaust port.

Dress Up Those Hangar Bays

There are quite a few interior windows within the Death Star. Consider how many hangars line the station’s equator and recall that each of those hangars has a number of viewports from the various control rooms and staging areas.

Your business could also have control rooms and staging areas. We typically refer to them as offices and conference rooms. If you have glass walls or glass doors in your building, they might be in need of aesthetic enhancement. That’s where decorative window film comes in handy.

Decorative window film, like Hüper Optik’s Dekorativ product, can make interior windows look like etched glass. This not only makes them more visually interesting when applied as a pattern, but it can also add privacy to an otherwise exposed meeting area.

Hard to Reach Windows are Insignificant Compared to the Power of a Professional Installation Force

As you can see, commercial window tinting can provide real benefits to your business, saving you money and protecting your investment. In order for it to work, you need to have trained professionals apply the film to your windows. That’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you work with AAA Window Solutions.

If you’re interested in a free estimate or you have more questions about products, pricing, and what window tinting can do for you, please get in touch with us at our office in Charlotte or call us at (704) 765-9982.