When thinking of ways to increase employee satisfaction, office window tint may not be the first option that comes to mind. However, office window tint is one of the easiest, most cost efficient ways to make workers happier.

Today’s modern offices are often designed to have large, beautiful windows. Sometimes, entire buildings look as though they’re constructed of one enormous window. Workers welcome this added sunlight, exposure to vitamin D, and portal to the outside world.

Though floor to ceiling windows can be incredibly appealing in an office building, they have their drawbacks as well. Some of these include increased temperature, decreased privacy, and harsh glares on office equipment. All of these problems are easily fixed, however, with office window tint.


  • Maintain a Comfortable Temperature with Office Window Tint


With warmer months approaching, battles amongst employees over the AC system are looming. Keep office comradery at a high with window film, and maintain a comfortable office temperature this summer. By installing office window tint, you can decrease the temperature in your office by up to 55℉!


  • Block Harmful UV Rays with Office Window Tint


Just because employees aren’t outside doesn’t mean they’re safe from all of the sun’s UV rays. While windows do block UVB rays, UVA rays, which penetrate deeper, are still able to get through. However, most office window tint brands reject 99.9% of UV rays, protecting your workers from the more harmful effects of the sun.


  • Decrease Glare on Computers and Equipment with Office Window Tint


Constant harsh glares on computer screens and other office equipment can drive even the calmest person crazy. The simple act of installing office window tint easily rectifies this problem and removes this stressor from an employee’s daily schedule.


  • Increase Energy Efficiency with Office Window Tint


More and more workers appreciate companies that are conscious of their environmental footprint. Showcase your efforts to become more green by installing an office window tint. Not only does the window film improve energy efficiency, but installation is a fairly low impact procedure as well.


  • Protect Employee Privacy with Office Window Tint


It’s not fun to work inside a fishbowl. The tinting process can mean, during the day, those inside can enjoy the lovely outdoor views, but prying eyes aren’t able to see inside. This is perfect for dental offices, medical buildings, or any business that wishes for a little more privacy.


  • Enhance Security with Office Window Tint


Nobody likes to think of the possibility of his or her business being broken into, but it is always best to be prepared. Office window tint not only makes it more difficult for prowlers to see the contents of your office , but window films are also able to keep glass fragments together. This provides additional safety and decreased liability.

Increase Employee Satisfaction with Office Window Tint

Modern architecture with its magnificent, large windows has created handsome structures, but these designs have their faults. It’s possible, however, to quickly and effortlessly say goodbye to these problems with office window tint. Seemingly small fixes such as keeping indoor temperatures consistent and increasing office privacy have a large impact on an employee’s day-to-day. Demonstrating care for these details can significantly increase an employee’s satisfaction and the overall culture of a workplace.

Make a difference, and install an office window tint today!