Every artist and gallery owner understands the importance of knowing how to protect artwork. Those masterfully crafted pieces hanged along the wall are not only a source of income, they’re a representation of an emotion or thought.

And any art collector, whose hallways are underscored by unique and distinguished artwork, want to maintain the quality and condition of the collection you’ve acquired. That’s why it’s important that you understand all of the best practices for protecting these canvasses.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, whether you collect, create, or curate, there’s a secret resource you may not have previously considered that can protect these invaluable (and certainly valuable) works of art: window film—also referred to as window tint.

So, here’s the double-edged sword …

Without light, especially beautiful natural light, the colors and methodologies that comprise artwork cannot be as greatly or easily appreciated. However, the light that affords us that appreciation also fades and degrades the the quality of those pieces.

Consider anything with print or paint on it that has sat in the sun for an extended period of time.

Faded? Seemingly bleached? Fragile?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays caused that damage. And here’s a simple breakdown of how it does this:

  1. The heat from UV rays (radiant heat) will cause the surface of artwork to crack, lift, and/or change in color.
  2. A photochemical change occurs on a microscopic level that degrades the materials used to create the work.

And worst of all is that this damage is cumulative and irrevocable.

The National Gallery of Art and Philadelphia Museum of Art both apply window film to help prevent this damage to their works, mitigating the effect of UV rays.

How Huper Optik Helps Protect Artwork

So, we’ve established that UV rays create heat and a chemical change that damage artwork. And major art galleries and museums across the nation utilize window film to help stop this effect. Now, the question to ask is this: Why recommend Huper Optik?

With 20 years of providing services to the Charlotte area, our professionals have seen types of window tint (and companies that produce them) come and go. And while there are definitely alternatives to Huper Optik that we believe in, there are a few reasons why we genuinely recommend it:

  • It’s the first patented nano-ceramic window film, so it does more than traditional ceramic films on the market.
  • It rejects 3 times as much infrared energy.
  • It keeps interior temperatures, on average, 13℃ cooler.
  • It rejects 99.9% of UV rays.

If you’re interested in learning more about Huper Optik or even want to get a free estimate on how much installing this innovative window film on your home or art gallery’s windows in Charlotte, North Carolina, would cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.