Are you searching for a great home or commercial window tinting company in the Charlotte, North Carolina area?

At AAA Window Solutions, we are a full-service window tinting and cleaning solutions company. We provide window film installations for residential and commercial clients and we also offer window and gutter cleaning services. One thing that separates us from our competitors – besides our dedication to the highest level of customer service possible – are the products that we use. If two companies can provide great customer service, then sometimes it comes down to the different products that they use that makes the difference.

We are a certified Huper Optik dealer with an exclusive territory throughout the Charlotte and Pineville areas. Huper Optik is a window film manufacturing company, and is recognized as the world’s leader in nano-ceramic window film technology. They have some of the best window tinting films available that cover a wide range of residential and commercial applications. If you want Huper Optik window films installed on your home or business, and you live in the Charlotte area, we are the company to call.


Huper Optik’s residential window films are great for reducing solar heat and unwanted UV rays. They can help improve the view out of your windows, and they can help protect the interiors from fading. If you are having any troubles in your home with heat, window film is a great way to prevent your home from heating up in the first place, while maintaining your view – as opposed to window shades, shutters or blinds that obstruct the view.

Fading furniture, floors and carpets are common in homes that get a lot of direct sunlight, so window films can actually save you money by avoiding expensive repairs and renovation costs and protecting valuables.


Huper Optik’s commercial window films are some of the best in the industry because of their quality as well as their durability.

Businesses that have high energy bills from cooling costs can save a lot of money by adding window film to their exterior windows. Preventing a majority of the heat from entering the building in the first not only saves money on energy costs but also on repair and maintenance costs from having to run air conditioning units excessively.

In addition to limiting the amount of solar heat, window tinting films also limit the amount of solar glare. Excessive sunlight causes the pupil in the eye to shrink, allowing less light into the eye. By reducing glare, the eye can relax, which actually creates for a better view, making it appear more crisp and vivid, as if you were seeing in a higher resolution. A better view can make for a happier and more productive employee.

If you would like to read more about Huper Optik films, you can visit the link below to take you to a page with more information right here in our website. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to assist you.