You know you need to clean your siding, or maybe your driveway or your fence? Yep, all of it. It needs a good power washing. Or maybe a pressure washing? Wait, what’s the difference?

A power washer delivers a stream of hot water at a steady rate. The power washer is defined by the temperature of the water: it has to be hot enough to do the job it is intended to do (like remove sticky or difficult substances from the surface of your home).

Alternatively, a pressure washer is defined entirely by the force of the liquid it emits, rather than the temperature. The stream of liquid released from a pressure washer must be strong enough to clean the surfaces it is intended to clean, regardless of temperature of the water.

Pressure vs. Power Washing: Which Should I Choose?

Consider: The Toughness of the Substance

If you are working with ground-in dirt, a buildup of mildew or something very tacky, like chewing gum, you should consider choosing a power washer. The option to set this machine to a high temperature makes it the right choice for eliminating these kinds of difficult materials from your home or driveway. However, if the concern is just some minor staining or dirt, choose the pressure washer for a quick and easy clean.

Consider: The Size of the Job

Because power washers come with several settings for water temperature and are able to cut through tough substances (and even eliminate weeds), they are best suited for a job that may take some time. In other words: if there is a lot of cleaning to do, choose the power washer to be sure you get the job done right.

Consider: The Surface to be Cleaned

The high flow pressure associated with a pressure washer makes it a good choice when cleaning surfaces like masonry, brick and concrete. For larger surface areas with more buildup, use a power washer.

Ultimately, the key difference between a power washer and a pressure washer is the temperature of the water, but don’t let that stop you from doing the research and choosing the correct service when cleaning your home!