Cleaning your gutters is one of the most unglamorous parts of being a homeowner. Proper treatment of gutters and downspouts requires quick action; otherwise, you’ll likely find a thick leaf and twig soup awaiting you. And as a homeowner, you take a certain amount of pride in learning new skills and managing difficult projects—a newly found do-it-yourself guru that was in you this whole time.

But it will greatly benefit you to seek a gutter cleaning service to manage the job. And here’s why…

The Real Dangers of Gutter Cleaning

In 2011, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that ladder-related falls caused 113 fatalities and 34,000 nonfatal injuries treated in emergency rooms. It went on to further explain that falling from a ladder accounts for more than half of all deadly falls.

These thousands of falls can be attributed to three primary mistakes:

  1. The wrong ladder was used.
  2. The ladder was in poor condition.
  3. The ladder was used improperly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study of 1,400 ladder accidents and found the following to be true:

  • 57% of fall victims held an object in one or both hands while climbing or descending.
  • 30% had wet, greasy, or oily shoes.
  • 53% of ladders had not be secured or braced at the bottom; 61% at the top.
  • 66% had never been trained at how to inspect ladders for defects.
  • 73% had not been provided with or consulted written instruction on safe use.

It’s important that you consider if you’ve ever made one of these mistakes before—or if you know that you’re likely to make one should you climb a ladder.

Benefits of Paying for a Gutter Cleaning Service

You recognize the importance of cleaning your gutters. And now you realize the potential dangers of climbing the ladder to reach those gutters. Still, you may say to yourself, “I’m not that stupid to make those mistakes.” So here are the benefits of paying for this service.

Efficient. Quick. Professional. Gutter cleaning can be seen as a DIY task, but it will likely take a majority of the day to complete. A professional gutter cleaner can provide efficient, quick gutter care within 2-3 hours—for a comprehensive clean.

More Experience. Fewer Problems. Cleaning gutters takes a lot of ladder work. If you’re not accustomed to climbing, descending, and standing on a ladder for hours at a time, an accident is bound to happen. So even if you don’t make one of those dumb mistakes, an accident can still occur. A professional crew of gutter cleaners has ample experience using ladders and proper safety gear.

Other Services. A company that cleans gutters likely offers other professional home cleaning services too. Whether you need your windows washed or tinted or the deck, driveway, or house needs power washed, there are other benefits of using a professional service.

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