Whether you’re looking to cut back on air-conditioning costs during the spring and summer, or keep heat trapped in your home during winter and fall, Hüper Optik Window Tint’s cutting-edge technology offers a solution. With this advanced window film, you can cut back on home maintenance costs while simultaneously reducing your ecological footprint.   

How Hüper Optik window film transcends the conventional.

Maintain Home Temperatures

No matter what time of year it is, Hüper Optik’s distinctive coating can help reduce the intensity of solar energy entering your home by 70%. This advanced system works in both warm and cold seasons by spectrally selecting which rays to transmit through its ultra clear, heat-rejecting polyester shield. In the spring and summer, this shield rejects heat from entering your home, while in the colder months it prevents heat from escaping.

Lower Energy Costs

With lower levels of thermal energy entering and leaving your home, you’ll save yourself some considerable costs. The first savings you’ll notice is a lower electricity bill, during all months of the year. With Hüper Optik Window Tint you can give your HVAC unit a break thanks to the protection provided by this advanced film.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

A lower energy bill also translates directly to a lower carbon footprint. Since the Hüper Optik Window Tint allows your HVAC system to draw less energy from the electrical grid, fewer resources are necessary to heat or cool your home. Who would have thought that such an easy addition to your home could have such a long-term impact.

Protect your Belongings

Finally, with a reduction of solar energy by 70% and harmful UV rays by 99.9%, those special items in your home — like paintings, portraits, pictures, and even your carpets and furniture — will be preserved for your enjoyment. Without Hüper Optik, those special memories could fade, if not from your memory, but from your picture frames!

Choose from two available series of Hüper Optik film.

Both the Ceramic and Select Series of Hüper Optik Window Film offer outstanding performance and exceptional visibility. We’ve outlined the specific details of each series below.

Ceramic Series

Featuring Patented Nano-Ceramic Technology, the Ceramic Series uses German technology to create a 100% metal and dye-free film that is guaranteed not to fade or dematerialize. Not only does this advanced series provide optimal visibility, it also has low reflectivity which maintains superior heat rejection.

Select Series

Keep the heat low and visibility high with this advanced series of Hüper Optik Window Film. The Select Series offers remarkable heat rejection performance while being 100% dye and fade free. Even though the Select Series of film is metallic, it is unique from the traditional metallic-hybrid films. Designed to appear natural and soft, the Select Series never looks shiny or causes glare.

Have confidence in Hüper Optik with a comprehensive limited product warranty.

When you choose Hüper Optik, you choose with confidence. All Hüper Optik window films come with either a residential lifetime limited product warranty, or a fifteen-year commercial limited product warranty. These product warranties protect against the following:

  • Blistering
  • Bubbling
  • Cracking
  • Delaminating
  • Fading
  • Demetallizing
  • Discoloring
  • Peeling

In addition to the warranty, Hüper Optik Window Films are subject to rigorous tests around the world. The scratch resistant hardcoat adheres to the internationally recognized ECE 43 abrasion test regulations.

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