With spring and summer approaching, North Carolina can start to expect more hours of daylight. While this is a welcomed change after a cold and dreary winter, the increased sunlight also has its drawbacks. However, the many benefits of window tinting can help take care of these inconveniences.


  • Less Heat During Warmer Months

We expect to be comfortable in our homes. Sometimes, such as in the middle of August, this can seem impossible while we fan ourselves with the freezer door wide-open. There is a simple solution to sticky summer afternoons, however. By installing window tint, you can decrease the temperature in your home by up to 55℉!


  • Decreased Fading

Does one side of your couch look lighter than the other? Are precious family photos starting to loose their color? There is no reason to let the sun continue to damage furniture and special heirlooms. Using a window film can help keep your possessions looking vibrant and brand new.  


  • Block Harmful UV Rays

Just because you’re not outside doesn’t mean you’re safe from all of the sun’s UV rays. While windows do block UVB rays, UVA rays, which penetrate deeper, are still able to get through. Our Hüper Optik window film rejects 99.9% of UV rays, protecting you from the more harmful effects of the sun.


  • Increased Energy Savings

As the temperature on the thermometer increases so does our energy bills. Installing a window tint will keep your dollars in your pocket for summer trips to the coast. The time has come to stop throwing away your hard earned money on energy bills.


  • Increased Safety

Nobody likes to think of the possibility of their home being broken into. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Window films are able to keep glass fragments together providing additional safety for you and your loved ones.


Charlotte, North Carolina, Has Window Tinting Experts Nearby!


Wondering “Where can I find someone to install window tint near me?” Well, look no further than your friends at AAA Window Solutions. Because we use Hüper Optik window film you can choose from six different options to find the solution best for your home or business.

With our consultation, we can help you pick out the film and tint level that’s perfect for your home. Once you have Hüper Optik tinting on your windows, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Take a look at Hüper Optik’s window tint simulator, and call us today for a free estimate!