It benefits every homeowner to acquire window cleaning services for his or her residential property. There are the obvious advantages, such as a better view and heat efficiency, but clean windows go beyond just the aesthetic. When it comes to cleaning a window, one of the most important qualities to keep in mind is that glass is porous, which means it can degrade due to a variety of contaminants.

  • Minerals
  • Oxidization
  • Acid rain
  • Sea spray
  • Over spray (paint, chalking, mortar)

But the good news is that you can avoid the need for glass restoration by utilizing professional services to perform regular cleanings to varied window surfaces. So beyond protecting your windows, how can professional cleaning benefit your home?

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Dirty windows can make your home seem … well … dirty. Pollen, doggy drool, dust, and other materials can make smear across your windows, creating a most unappealing aesthetic. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just make it the envy of your neighbors, professionally cleaned windows are a simple component to the upkeep of any residence.

Clean windows not only improve the look of your home, it can make the interior feel more welcoming, which, in turn, will make you feel good. Properties with spectacular views—of rolling hillsides or sandy beaches or sprawling cityscapes—deserve a pristine window from which to enjoy it.

Keep Yourself Safe

In 2011, the CDC reported that emergency rooms across the country treated 34,000 nonfatal ladder-related injuries. For effective window washing, a vast majority of homeowners need to use a ladder to reach second-floor windows, putting them at risk of falling. Even for one-story homes or windows that can flip, homeowners also run the risk of cracking or breaking windows and potentially suffering a laceration.

Have It Done Correctly

Professional window cleaning services can ensure that your windows are cleaner and clearer than if you treated it as a do-it-yourself project. Companies that specialize in window cleaning have specialized equipment, tools, and resources that prevent smudges and streaks, which can be difficult to remove and completely defeat the purpose of washing the window.

Additional Services

One of the indirect advantages of hiring a professional window cleaning service is that you build a rapport and trust with a company that may offer other services, such as gutter cleaning or pressure washing. If you live in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, you have the benefit of contact AAA Window Cleaning and Solutions, which services from Ballantyne to Concord to Lake Norman to Waxhaw … and everywhere in between!

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